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Send out my lots!

This is a FREE service of Amy's Auctions. Now you can send in extra money, and we'll AUTOMATICALLY send your lots out for you on the day(s) you want the items sent. We will go through the list each day on who was scheduled to get sent their lots, and we'll send them out PROVIDED you have enough money in your account.

You will only be scheduled into this service if you sign up for this service (This is not automatic upon signing up for an ID number). So sign up today!

To take part in, change, or be removed from this feature, fill in the following form:

What is your email address?

Your id number?

Which days would you like us to automatically send out your lots (using auction credit)?
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday     

If you have gotten an email and did not sign up with Amy's Auctions, please forward your email address to panthera@ttcards.com with a note about what happened. The person who put your information in will be banned from our auctions.

You may be removed from this service if you fail to use the service (ie. you do not send payments in advance).

In the case of postal holidays, we will send out the cards on the next work day (where the post office is open).