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Henry Hascup is the uncrowned king of sports information. His home in Lodi New Jersey contains over 10,000 sport magazines and over 2,000 sport books. He owns every issue of The Sporting News since the early 1960's and he has a lot of other ones that go back to the early 1950's. He has all the record books, guides, registers, handbooks, almanac's, encyclopedia's, etc., on all sports. He has material as far back as 1886. He has also done a lot of research on his own by going through news papers.

The 49 year old has been doing sports trivia since he was a kid. A local newspaper which is called the Bergen Record had a sports trivia question that they gave out every week for over 20 years (it stopped in 1991) and Henry answered correctly far more than anyone else and very selmon missed. He once answered 138 weeks in a row without missing. He has won over 1,000 sport trivia contests thoughout the area and also thoughout the country and that's even before he came on the internet. Among the contests he won are the New York Daily News, the Sporting News, Sports Magazine, the Paterson Evening News, The Bergen Record as well as several other local papers and he has won several radio contests including WFAN.

He has corrected over 200 world championship boxing records for the Ring Record Book and over 1,000 records in all.

He was a member of the Society for American Baseball Research Association, the Pro and College Football Researchers Associations and the International Boxing Research Association.

Newspaper sports writers from all over the country have called his home for sport information. He is currently the President and Historian, since 1986, of the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame as well as the New Jersey Diamond Gloves. He is also the Historian of many other sporting organizations throughout the area. He also has been asked to MC many sporting functions thoughout the local area.

Henry, who is a supervisor for PSE&G was also a single parent of 4 kids who live with him in his household along with a large husky dog. If you were at the Diamond Glove Dinner (which he MC'ed) in September of 1988 you know that he asked his very lovely girlfriend Joyce to be his wife in front of over 250 people and on March 12th 1989 they got married. You might ask what does Joyce have in common with Henry, well she also was a single parent of 4 kids and a large husky dog who all lived with her. So all of them lived under the same roof, some people called them the Brady Bunch but they say Eight is Enough.