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Monica Cross
July 1997 Patrick Grisham Be A Player Series II Hockey
August Edward Gonzales 96 Finest 2 & 97 Zenith Football
Sept Wayne Johnson 97 Motionvision
Oct Micah Foley 97 Movi vision Football
Nov Lynne Goodwin 97 bowman and 98 ultra
Dec Jo Ann White 97 Topps Screenplays Baseball
Jan 1998 Lynne Lowe 97 flair showcase football
Feb Russell Dorsey (2) 97 bowmans best
Mar Rosy Shea 97-98 Bowmans Best Basketball
Apr Rajesh Chugani (2) 97 Upper Deck Legends
May Debra Belinky Bowmans Best Baseball
June Shawn McCoy 97 topps chrome football
July Michael Sweimler 97 topps chrome football
August Jack Stockwell chrome
Sept Dave Golden chrome football
Oct Terry Peak bowmans best
Nov Miranda Miller chrome
Dec Justin Stryker chrome football
Jan 1999 Denis Borris Bowmans Best
Feb Cynthia Haste Bowmans Best
Mar Kijin Jung (2) Bowmans Best Packs
Apr Patrick Gillespie (2) Bowmans Best Packs
May Pat Carson (2) Bowmans Best Packs
June Dorothy Correll (2) Bowmans Best Packs
July Teresa Weber (2) Bowmans Best Packs
Aug Michael Molina (2) Bowmans Best Packs
Sep Barbara Majewski (2) Bowmans Best Packs
Oct Mary Britt (2) Bowmans Best Packs
Nov Joe Testudine (2) Bowmans Best Packs
Dec Christine Mendoza (2) 97 Bowmans Best Baseball Packs
Jan 2000 Christina Newman 99 Crown Royale Football Pack
Feb Nancy Valueff Hunchback of Notre Dame Box
Mar Marjorie White 99-2000 Topps Chrome Basketball Pack
Apr Art Kelly (2) 97 Bowmans Best Baseball Packs
May Donna-Lynne Riley 2000 SPx baseball
June Bruce Weber (2) 97 Bowmans Best Baseball Packs
July Kristine Hendrickson 2000 topps chrome football
Aug Rodolfo Camargo (2) 97 Bowmans Best Baseball Packs
Sept Gary Hamblin (2) 97 Bowmans Best Baseball Packs
Oct Teresa Weber (2) 2000 topps packs and a bowmans best pack
Nov Rebecca Boyer 98-99 SP authentic basketball pack
Dec John Cheeves 98-99 SP authentic basketball pack
Jan 2001 Bob Smith 99-00 Topps Chrome Basketball pack
Feb Steve Kellmyer 00 SP Authentic Football
Mar Clinton Bullock 99-00 Topps Chrome Basketball pack
Apr Ina Richarte 99-00 Fleer greats of the game
May Stan Boulware 2001 Donruss Elite
Jun Roy Dotts 2001 Topps Chrome Baseball Pack
Jul Beau Daft 2000 Fleer Force Hobby Basketball
Aug Bruce Weber (2) Bowmans Best Baseball Packs.
Sep Nancy Adams (2) Bowmans Best Baseball Packs.
Oct Robin Stewart (2) Bowmans Best Baseball Packs.
Nov Mary Commini (2) Bowmans Best Baseball Packs.
Dec Ted Mruczek (2) Bowmans Best Baseball Packs
Jan 2002 Kay Moser (2) 2000 Topps
Feb Cindy Craft (3) Topps American Pie Packs
March Ruth Vick (2) Topps Archives
April Judilyn Jones (2) 2000 Topps
May Twila Provence (3) Topps Heritage Packs
June Monica Cross (2) 2000 Topps
July RONDOG69@WEBTV.NET (2) Topps Archives
August (2) Topps Archives
September Frank Woodworth (4) 2000-01 UD Reserve basketball
October Brad Carpenter 2001 topps chrome football pack and 2001 Donruss Classics football pack
November Alberta Hight topps gold label, fleer futures, and stadium club
December Mark Corriher Topps Finest and Topps Stars
January 2003 Terry Bunnell 2002 Topps pack, 2002 Upper deck pack, and 2 packs of 2001 Upper Deck Decade 1970s
February 2003 Ellen Parodi 3 packs of 2002-2003 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey
March 2003 Colleen Harmer 2 packs of 2001 Fleer game time football and 1 pack of 2001 topps heritage football
April 2003 Ronald Gerdowsky 2000 Stadium Club, 2000 Topps Stars and 2000 Bowmans Best packs
May 2003 Andrew Wilson 2 2001 Upper Deck Vintage, a 2001 UD Reserve, and 2002 UD Retail
June 2003 Ruth Vick Various Baseball Packs
July 2003 Angela Johnson Various Baseball Packs
Due to people's requests, we will no longer be listing out names here, however prizes are still being awarded monthly!